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Linda Blumberg to Step Down as Executive Director

New York, NY

The Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) today announced that Linda Blumberg, Executive Director of the ADAA, will be stepping down from the organization after over a decade of service.

The ADAA’s executive committee is nearing the completion of a search process to appoint the next Executive Director of the ADAA. Blumberg’s final day in her current role is December 31, 2017, after which she will serve in an advisory capacity to ensure a smooth transition and support the mounting of The Art Show, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2018.

“Linda's leadership has been critical to the vitality of the ADAA and the growth of its membership," said Adam Sheffer, President of the ADAA. "We are incredibly grateful to Linda for her outstanding service to the organization and her commitment to advocating for its members during a particularly exciting yet complex decade for the field and the arts as a whole. As we search for the ADAA's next director, we look forward to building upon Linda's legacy of forging lasting relationships among the membership and our external partners. She'll be greatly missed."

“After more than 11 years at the ADAA, the time is right for me to move on to new pursuits,” said Blumberg. “It has been a great privilege to work with so many wonderful colleagues and with the nation’s leading fine art dealers, who are profoundly committed to fostering the practices and careers of living artists and the legacies of historic artists, cultivating platforms for their work, and deepening public appreciation of their art.” 

As the ADAA’s first executive director, Blumberg developed many enduring initiatives to advance the organization’s mission as an advocate and resource for art dealers, beginning with the assembly of a team to better service members; the formalization of membership standards and practices, and the establishment of the ADAA’s first and current office on Lexington Avenue in New York City. 

Among the programs launched by Blumberg is The Collectors’ Forum, a series of public talks and panel discussions that explore connoisseurship, the art market, and current trends in art historical scholarship—underscoring the critical roles and contributions of dealers to these conversations. She also created new educational programs for members, including a series of legal seminars on subjects ranging from contracts to copyright law. More recently, she spearheaded the revamp of the organization’s website, the launch of its social media platforms, and the introduction of the ADAA’s first comprehensive advertising campaign. She has also played a critical role in the ADAA’s advocacy on behalf of art dealers with the federal, state, and local governments.

During her tenure, Blumberg mounted 11 presentations of the ADAA’s annual fair, The Art Show, strengthening its reputation for high quality, curated exhibitions, and an intimate viewing experience for visitors. To support the fair and other programs, Blumberg forged a lasting partnership with AXA Art Americas Corporation—which in 2018, marks its 10th year as a supporter of the ADAA and seventh year as lead sponsor of The Art Show. 

Additionally, Blumberg played an integral role in the launch and implementation of the ADAA’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, which raised and donated funds to local arts organizations affected by the disaster in 2012. In 2017, she initiated a renewal of the mission and programmatic focus of the ADAA Foundation, which distributes grants to museums, archives, and arts organizations around the country to advance art historical research and exhibition development. 

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