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"Reflection: Impressionist Masters of Plein Air" Opens at Colnaghi New York

Event Date: 
12 May 2021 to 11 June 2021
New York, NY
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This spring, Colnaghi New York reopens its doors to the public with Reflection: Impressionist Masters of Plein Air, an intimate exhibition of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterworks.

Drawing together landscape paintings and intimate outdoor scenes by such artists as Eugène Boudin, Jean Dufy, Gustave Loiseau, and Henri Jean Guillaume Martin among others of the French avant garde who rose to fame through the Paris Salon, Reflection will be open by appointment May 12 through June 11, 2021 at Colnaghi New York.

The exhibition’s title points to a thematic continuity between the works on display. ‘Reflection’ refers to the motif of refracted light: trees and bridges duplicated within a pool of water, the halos of porch lights across a bay, and mirrored panes of window glass. ‘Reflection’ as an emotional concept similarly indicates a shared atmosphere of serenity within the paintings, inspiring quiet repose and introspection within viewers.

The fourteen meditative paintings in the exhibition take pastoral scenes and landmarks, depicted at specific times of day or night, as their point of departure to explore the relationship between use of color and expression of mood. A primary focus of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, the fleeting experience of a moment is investigated and captured in these works through intensified color palettes and detailed attention to the quality of light.

Henri Eugène Augustin Le Sidaner’s La Table sur la Terrasse au Clair de Lune is a masterwork defined by its pseudo-Pointillist treatment of light. Evening is a recurring theme throughout the artist’s practice and is delicately rendered in absence of human figures. The twilight is made warm and welcoming by tender treatment of light: fractals glimmer in the bottles and wine glasses atop the tables, and reflections of light from the distant hills hover on the water.

In Le Pont suspendu de Triel sur Seine, Gustave Loiseau affectionately renders this iconic bridge north of Paris in a subdued and glowing setting. Exemplifying the artist’s life-long study of the Seine and its tributaries, the work captures the reflection of the bridge in the thickly painted blue-green river flowing underneath. The geometry of the bridge is echoed in the surrounding air and water by Loiseau’s signature en trelleis (cross-hatching) technique.

In Le Collines Dominant le Port de Collioure, Henri Martin depicts the bay of a small Mediterranean fishing town where he purchased a house in his later life. The idyllic setting, nestled among the receding hills, displays the interplay between light and the landscape, water, buildings, and boats. The vibrant tone is mediated by the artist’s careful attention to the composition’s balance and rhythm, resulting in an enchanting scene of geometric shapes and bold color.

These works will be exhibited alongside the New York gallery’s collection of Graeco-Roman and Pre-Columbian antiquities, as well as a small selection of Pre-Raphaelite and Modernist works by Amedeo Modigliani, John William Godward, and Giovanni Boldini.

Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists include Eugène Boudin, Jean Dufy, Raoul Dufy, Armand Guillaumin, Gustave Loiseau, Henri Jean Guillaume Martin, Claude Emile Schuffenecker, and Henri Eugène Augustin Le Sidaner.

This exhibition is available to view at the New York gallery by appointment and is accompanied by an online viewing room.

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Image : Henri Eugène Augustin Le Sidaner, La Table sur la Terrasse au Clair de Lune. Courtesy Colnaghi.

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