Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion Statement



At Resnicow and Associates, we believe that the arts and culture sector is stronger and more vibrant when it reflects the diversity of the world we live in. We are dedicated and actively working to center the values of diversity, accessibility, equity, and inclusivity in our work while simultaneously advocating for them in the broader community and art world: building a more diverse team, cultivating an inclusive work environment, and encouraging our clients to do the same.


We have identified five priority goals that we see as key to the betterment of the arts and culture industry and have been pursuing specific actions that address each goal.

GOAL: Creating opportunities for access and engagement


  • Longstanding partnerships with educational and equity-focused organizations such as: Free Arts NYC and AUC Art Collective
  • Summer internship focused on building a pipeline for BIPOC candidates
  • Support for employees to access art world events and organizations that have financial barrier to entry

GOAL: Increasing representation


  • Continually refining our hiring process to try to reduce implicit bias
  • Actively recruiting at HBCUs, on-campus job fairs, and engagement with leadership, and also through diversity-focused job boards
  • Proactively building relationships with BIPOC publications and journalists of color
  • Identifying opportunities for clients to engage with under-resourced communities

GOAL: Establishing networks of support to create an inclusive and empowering environment


  • Long-running mentorship program that provides ongoing support for staff
  • Investment in social and practical onboarding
  • Sustained inhouse professional development offerings and financial support for outside opportunities
  • Weekly staff lunches and seasonal gatherings
  • Culture of individual and team recognition

GOAL: Increasing transparency around decision-making


  • Establishing organizational salary review processes
  • Engaging in a facilitated strategic planning process
  • Annual presentations by the principal and management team to staff on the state of the company and its goals moving forward
  • Encouraging clients to be transparent in their governance decisions and to establish channels of public accountability

GOAL: Personal and collective responsibility


  • DEAI/HR committee comprised of staff drawn from throughout the company devoted to fostering a positive and supportive company culture for all employees
  • Annual company-wide implicit bias, harassment, and bystander trainings
  • Company donations to organizations doing the difficult work of addressing injustice
  • Extra day of PTO for employees to volunteer in their community