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R+A Wins the Holidays with #ArtWorldProblems Holiday Card

New York, NY

Resnicow + Associates brought some seasonal cheer to the art world this week with the release of the firm’s much-anticipated holiday card.

A perennial highlight of the holiday season, R+A’s annual dose of festive ribaldry has previously received glowing reviews from the Wall Street Journal, ARTINFO, and whimsically inclined art nerds the world over. Following a series of intensive brainstorming sessions and smartphone procrastination, the firm’s humor department has selected #ArtWorldProblems as the theme of this year's holiday card.

“Whether your Uber app isn’t working in the Giardini, your MFA program didn’t offer a barista course, or you’ve been inadvertently slighted by James Turrell, many of us experience #ArtWorldProblems on a daily basis,” said R+A president and noted humorist David Resnicow. “Given the growing popularity of the Internet over the past two decades, this seemed like an ideal year to call attention to these serious issues through some old-fashioned hashtag activism.”

Recipients are encouraged to submit their own suggestions via social media by using the hashtag #ArtWorldProblems. The funniest entries will be retweeted by @ResnicowCulture, and all entrants will enjoy the satisfaction of making the art world a little less problematic in 2016.

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